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Association of the consulting engineers of Macedonia – ACEMA is a member of FIDIC, expecting to become member of European Federation of the Associations of Consulting Engineers in September 2018 on the Infrastructure Conference in Berlin.

The founders of the Association are seven recognized companies in Macedonia: Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia, BETON AD Skopje, GRANIT AD Skopje, ZIKOL dooel Strumica, TCS Building Automation dooel Skopje, FEGO Inzenering doo Skopje, Sirius Consulting dooel Skopje.

The objectives of the Association of the consulting engineers of Macedonia –ACEMA include:

  • promote the role and importance of FIDIC standards in Macedonia,
  • encourage development and innovation of technical knowledge of ACEMA members by organizing seminars, workshops and consultations,
  • monitor and provide necessary information for its members related to law regulations, policies and programs of the relevant institutions in Macedonia that are of interest to the Association,
  • affirm the highest ethical standards that could be applied in the work of consulting engineers thus effectively participate in fight against corruption in the construction industry,
  • establishment of data base relevant not only for the members of ACEMA but for all interested parties.

Activities of the Association include:

  • Support implementation of FIDIC standards by encouraging and monitoring compliance of relevant Macedonian regulations with the regulations and standards of EU, and informing members about it,
  • Organization of educational and informative events – workshops, panel discussions and professional lectures,
  • Licensed FIDIC Trainings with official international FIDIC certificate
    • modules 1, 2, 3 and 4,
  • Sale of certified FIDIC books in Macedonian language,
  • General and detailed consultations related to FIDIC issues.

ACEMA members can be consulting-engineering firms in Macedonia, as well as architectural companies, contractors, banks, law firms and other firms that are interested in promoting the objectives of the Association.

All ACEMA members are obliged to comply with FIDIC and ACEMA Code of Ethics and they are all granted the right to use FIDIC and ACEMA logos on their documentation.

For more information about how to become a Member of the Association please visit Apply for membership.

Board of Directors

Mihajlo Mihajlovski



Goran Maurovski

Member of the BOD


Ilija Markov

Member of the BOD


Branislav Gjorgjievski

Member of the BOD


Denis Rizaov

Member of the BOD


Miho Janevski

Member of the BOD


Mario Mihajlovski

Executive Officer


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